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We believe in the power of music for all ages. Our senior sessions provide individuals with memory loss the opportunity to connect with others and improve overall quality of life through music therapy. Seniors and caregivers will both benefit from attending these sessions together. 

Elderly Happy Therapy

The Instructor

Bernadette Baer

With a background in music therapy and piano that will undoubtedly be a great benefit to all participants.  To learn more about Bernadette, visit the Teachers page.

Music Notes
Bernadette Baer
Music Therapy

Discover the Transformative Power of Music Therapy

Witnessing a dear one grapple with Alzheimer's or dementia is profoundly challenging. However, the captivating power of music may hold the potential to alleviate the impact of these neurodegenerative disorders.

Harmonize Your Healing:


Elderly Playing Piano

In line with findings from reputable resources like Dementia Care Central and the Mayo Clinic, engaging in music, be it listening or active participation, stimulates diverse brain regions, inducing changes in emotions and behaviors, and facilitating the recall of memories. This underscores why our specially-curated music therapy sessions for seniors could be an invaluable aid for those contending with memory impairment.

Music Art Background

Interested in deepening your understanding of music at Dynamic Fine Arts Academy? We are a leading music institution committed to nurturing talent and fostering musical growth at all levels. Our expert instructors provide customized lessons to cater to your individual needs and ambitions. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our school or to book your first lesson. Embark on your musical journey with Dynamic Fine Arts Academy, where each lesson brings you closer to achieving your dreams.

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