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Infant Music Class


Cultivating Creativity From the Beginning

Toddler Music Class

Infant & Toddler Music Workshops

We are delighted to present our comprehensive music curriculum, specifically designed for infants and toddlers. These interactive, engaging sessions invite parents and their young ones to explore the world of music together, fostering cognitive and sensory development. Our approach aligns closely with the renowned Kindermusik “Mommy and Me” musical workshops, but we proudly extend our invitation to all caregivers, not exclusively mothers. We firmly believe in including both parents, recognizing the vital role that every caregiver plays in a child's musical journey.

Toddler Playing Music

What are infant and toddler classes all about?

Our Infant and Toddler Music Classes are meticulously designed to foster both parent-child bonding and a child’s multifaceted growth. These interactive sessions serve not only as an arena for musical exploration, but also as a crucial tool for holistic child development.

In each class, our expert instructors curate a distinctive collection of age-appropriate songs and rhymes. They then guide parents and caregivers through the process, demonstrating how best to engage with their child through these musical activities. Our teachers empower parents to perform these songs and activities confidently in class, irrespective of their musical background or ability.

Moreover, we encourage parents to extend the learning beyond our class setting. By independently practicing the songs and activities throughout the week at home, parents help reinforce their child's learning, creating a more enriching and immersive musical experience.

With each successive class, we build upon this repertoire, cultivating a rich, evolving musical landscape that serves to nurture a love for music and supports overall development in the child's early years.

Infant Music Classes

Class Size and Structure

Guided by the age of each child, we carefully curate class compositions to ensure optimal learning experiences. To maintain an intimate and personalized environment, our classes are kept small, accommodating a maximum of five parent-child duos. This structure allows our skilled instructors to meet the individual needs of each budding musician.

To further enhance this enriching journey, we allot fifteen minutes of bonding and practice time before each class. This pre-class playtime serves as a golden opportunity for parents and children to socialize and engage with the instructor, addressing any queries or concerns they may have.

Our classes harness a myriad of innovative methods and dynamic resources. For instance, we utilize handheld percussion instruments to accompany our melodic lessons, inviting children to participate actively in each song. We also creatively integrate literature, reading books in a melodious manner to reinforce literacy skills.

For added convenience and continuity of learning, we provide online access to our extensive collection of songs and rhymes. This allows parents and children to revisit and practice at their own pace, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive musical experience.

The Instructor

Bernadette Baer

With a background in music therapy and piano that will undoubtedly be a great benefit to all participants.  To learn more about Bernadette, visit the Teachers page.

Music Notes
Bernadette Teacher Photo
Music Art Background

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